Quick start

Install A3SOM

From the command line, clone this project:

git clone https://forge.ibisc.univ-evry.fr/ccreux/A3SOM.git

Move to the directory containing source files:


Use it in a Python script

From there, A3SOM can be used in a Python script:

from A3SOM import A3SOM

Usage is similar to Keras models:

model = A3SOM(input_dim, n_classes, n) # input_dim = nb of features, n_classes = nb of classes, n = dimension of the SOM
model.fit(data_train, target_train, validation_split, batch_size, epochs)

Importing the Dataset.py module is optional, but makes formatting the input easier. For abstained classification, import abstention.py to apply global or local abstention thresholds and study the effects of abstention. Finally, utils.py contains various functions for visualization purposes, as well as a function to mask some of the labels in a target object.